About NARV-P

NARV-P (Dr. Aladdin's Herbal Extract) is a natural suppliment that is taken orally. It was developed to support the immune functions in the body, increase energy and mental focus, weight management support, power antioxidant protection. It increases energy/mental focus, provides support for all your body system.

It can be prescribed for immune compromised patients, old and newly detected HIV/AIDS patients.


This product is a mixture of various herb extracts and components employed over the years in traditional medicine. It works as an immune system booster by producing anti-inflamatory molecules that feed on disease-causing pathogens and also acts as natural defence for the body.

Why Take It?

NARV-P is processed and packaged to act as Anti-Oxidant to cancer, dibetes, stomach ulcer, typhoid, high blood pressure, anti aging, improve eyesight, enhance fertility, improve mental alertness etc. Also, it speedily reduces viral load and increases CD4 count faster.

Who Can Take It?

Anybody, except pregnant women, nursing mothers or children below the age of 12, can take this product.

How To Use Narv-P™

  • Shake well before use
  • Use appropriately (5ml/1 tea spoon for children and 20ml/2 table spoons for adults), 3 times daily.
  • Replace cap securely after each use.
  • Store in a cool dry place - temperature below 20° is recommended.